About us

What are we?

Skilled and Reliable


We are a young, dynamic, imaginative, chef led, catering company whose total priority is our high standard of food and service.

Our mission to liven up your events with fun, exciting and memorable catering for parties, gatherings or even office lunches falls hand in hand with our aim to inspire you and your friends or clients with innovative dining.

We bring restaurant standard food and remove the uninspiring menus in large scale events across the south of the UK. Rest assured we are consistent, from our sourcing of produce, your tasting evenings, to the memorably high quality, tailor-made, finished product on your big day.

Not only do we pride ourselves on the locally sourced ingredients & suppliers but also our resourceful ways to not use non recyclable packaging along the way.  

What do we do?

We cater for weddings and events in venues of your choice and at our venues.
Contract catering relief and long-term contracts.
Corporate events and office catering.
Coffee shops, bars, restaurants and outside catering and events.